Covid-19  Notice
Glenfont Covid-19 Notice:

Glenfont is a very small business.
It depends heavily on deliveries made from online purchases of almost
all of it's material needs.  The Covid-19 restrictions placed on deliveries
to the Senior Building ( not a nursing home ) I live in cause delays.  The
delivery companies have also placed restrictions on employees as to entering
our building and we ourselves have been restricted in leaving and entering the
building.  The result is continual delays.

Due to a previous health issue sewing delay combined with the Covid-19
delays,and the need to “catch-up” with the orders affected by these delays,
there is now a five month wait time on all new orders.  Habits are being made.  
Any habit that has been paid for will be made.  Because of the erratic
occurrence of delays it is not possible to provide any definite delivery time for
garments.  Literally, the habit is done when it's done.

I wish to thank those of you who have graciously sent me encouraging words
and been so patient.

Robert Renehan
Glenfont Habitry Ltd.