We make side worn habit rosaries for use with religious habits.  These are
available in 15 decade, 7 decade and 5 decade sizes.  The 7 decade is referred
to as the Franciscan Crown and is available with a San Damiano crucifix or a
standard Roman crucifix.  The rosaries are also available with round or oval beads
as well as olive colored beads.  The habit rosaries are made with plastic beads
for the most part as they are less expensive and easier to obtain.   There is an
extra charge for beads made in the Holy Land of olive wood.   We do not make
specialty rosaries in the habit rosary size.

15 decade rosary, black beads, round or oval  =  $125
7 decade Franciscan Crown with black or brown beads  =  $85
5 decade rosary with black beads, round or oval  =  $70

The various ways in which these habit rosaries are worn are demonstrated in the
photos below.
5 decade rosary with 4" cross.                                5 decade rosary with 4" cross                            15 decade rosary with 4" cross
Round beads                                                               Round beads                                                        Oval beads
5 decade white rosary;  round beads                             7 decade Franciscan Crown with
4" cross                                                                                 brown round beads.  The cross is
                                                                                   the San Damiano type of wood.