Important Message
The second thing is that over the last 15 years of habit making it has
become very plain that
making religious habits is not a profitable
affair.  The costs of running
the business never go down; they
consistently go up.  Several of you
have suggested a "Donate" button
on the web site but that did not
appeal to me and so I deferred doing
that.  Several have also said
that lower quality material be used for
the habits and I refuse to lower the quality of the work I do.  I have
never had an overall price increase in the 15 years I have been
making habits.  I do not see that doing so would be a substantive
help. However, the need to do something grows and I have therefore
posted a "Donate" button on the site.  It is here for anyone who
wishes to assist in the effort to continue to have quality religious
habits made and worn by those dedicated to lives symbolized by
these beautiful garments.
 I enjoy this work and have no intention of
giving it up.  As long as it is possible to continue to make habits I will
do so.
There are two messages that need to be stated:  first is the current
wait time.  Right now, due to my inability to pay skilled help or even to
find such help, the sewing is done by myself alone.  Add to this the
cleaning, maintenance, paper work, etc. of this business and the
result is a wait time of about five months, give or take two weeks
either way.  I regret this but the situation is what it is.