Habits:  Monks and Friars
Cistercian, o.c.s.o.  Nigeria
The habits pictured below were made for particular customers.  We do not
have habits in stock, all are made to order.  As we make habits we will post
photos of some of them here as space permits.  With the photos below we
have provided cloth type, cost and other pertinent information.  Details of
ordering are found on the Ordering Page.

Item # MH-30
Habit available in wool
blend and polyester.

Rosary & belt not included.

Wool Bld:    $400
Polyester:  $350

Colors:  Brown, black,
white, grey, blue.

Please email us for
shipping cost.
Carmelite Mantle (O.Carm.)
brown.   Cost:  wool bld:  $375  Polyester:  $280.
Please Note:  wool blend white is as shown; the polyester white can be either a cream or a
pure white.      Item MH-07
Please email us for shipping cost.
Franciscan Habit (OFM)
This habit was made for Immaculate Conception Province, Friars Minor (OFM).   Cloth provided by the Province
Available in brown, grey, white, black.  Hood on this habit slightly larger than normal.  Cord cincture and
rosary not included. The hood stiffener can be either pellon or canvas as desired.
Cost:  wool blend:  $350    Polyester:  $300        Item #  MH-87          Email us for shipping
cost.                                                                Cord cincture with barrel knots:  $30
Carthusian Habit
Habit available in wool blend as
pictured (slightly off-white) or in a
polyester (pure white).   Rosary and
belt not included.   Cuffs are
removable.  This habit has an over the
shoulder scapular which is not used in
all charterhouses today.

Wool Blend:   $450
Polyester:      $375

Email for shipping cost.

Item # MH-22
Cistercian Cowl (o.c.s.o.)
Cowl available in white polyester as
pictured & in white wool blend (slightly
off-white).   The hood is attached and
the garment is a pullover.

Wool Blend:  $360
Polyester:     $280

Email us for shipping cost.

Item # MH-56
Cistercian Cowl   (O.Cist.)
version but without any hood attached
and a capuche with the hood.   The
capuche shown is for demonstration and
is sometimes called a Mozzetta.

Available in polyester as shown or in an
off-white wool blend.

Polyester:  $310
WoolBlend: $370

Item # MH-87

Email for shipping cost
Tunic / Smock:   Item MH-66 This garment is used by many monastic Communities as a
work habit for light or clean work.   Available in black, grey, white, and brown.  Made in wool blend,
polyester or a cotton blend (Poplin).  Hood has a shaper in it (optional).  Breast pocket if desired.    
Cost:  wool blend: $130    Polyester:  $90    Poplin:  $65    Shipping: $15

A full length version of this garment is also available
(MH-59) Cost:  wool blend:  $220   Polyester:  
$175   For side pockets in full length version please add  $25.     Shipping $15           

Note on Hood Shapers:   Hoods with shapers in them are completely wearable.  The purpose is to
present a crisp and neat appearance.   They are soft and do not look odd when the hood is up over the
Franciscan Habit:  OFM Conventual
Item MH-33
This habit is available in grey or black, with or without pleats.  Habit cost is $300 for polyester fabric
and $375 for wool blend.  Traditional pleats have a surcharge of $85 for traditional pleats and $60 for
modified pleats.   Cord cincture is $30 for a 6yd length with barrel knots.   Email for shipping cost.
Full Length Work Tunic / Habit                                            Email for shipping cost
This is the work Tunic above in a full length version with a Benedictine style belt.  Belt not included.
Hood has a shaper.   It has side pockets in the robe.
Price:  Habit $175 plus shipping,  o.s.b. style belt $65.                                            Item # MH-21
Note on Denim Garments:  Because I cannot control the shade or the quality of the denim from
commercial sources offering reasonable prices I offer a choice of two types of monastic work smocks:  
the normal weight (6oz) denim smock or a very light weight smock made of broadcloth and dyed to look
like denim.  The very light weight smock can be made in grey, black, and brown.   There is only one color
for the denim smock and that is the shade of blue I receive.

The belt for this garment is $45.
Tunic / Smock (light weight or denim) $75.  Shipping $15

Item:  MH-67
Habit          o.s.b
Item # MH-24
The Benedictine habit is usually all black
though there are some Communities that
do wear grey robes.

The scapular has the hood attached.
The hood has a shaper in it.  The belt is
that used by the Solemes Congregation.
The robe has a left breast pocket and
side pockets beneath the belt,  There is
a low soft collar.  Neck opening is a
placket with snap or hook fastener.
Available in polyester or a wool blend.

Polyester = $290
Wool Blend = $350
Belt = $65

Please email us for shipping cost.
Dominican Habit    Item MH-19
These are two versions of the 'Dominican' style habit.  The habit is made in either polyester (pure
white) or a wool / poly blend (slightly off-white) or a polyester "cream" white.  Shown here is the
wool / poly blend of off-white, the 'cream' white can be seen above in the O.Carm Mantle.  The hood
can be either single thickness or dbl (self-lined) thickness.  Cuffs shown are 7" and sewn down.
Polyester =  $320 (pure white or cream)
Wool / poly = $385
                                    Please email us for shipping cost                            
Note:  for robe pockets with access to pants underneath please add $25.