Covid-19  Notice
Update Notice for Glenfont Habitry
March 1, 2021

Subject:   Wait time

As of this date garments are being made and shipped.

Anyone who has paid for a garment will receive it.

It is taking much longer to get things done now than previously due to the results of an illness,
some Covid-19 restrictions and construction improvements involving my living space.   This is as
frustrating to me as it is to my customers.   .  

Because this business began with literally nothing and depended on prepayment for the funds
to purchase cloth and pay it's expenses there has never been extra money.   For a while this
worked quite well with orders coming in steadily.  However orders have decreased in the last
few years and especially in the last year.   Fewer orders equals less income but expenses are
still met and so the business can continue.  Refunds are made in accordance with the terms
set forth on the Terms Page of the web site and so the only refunds possible pertain to very
recent orders.  

The delays have been far longer and more frequent than ever anticipated.  Fortunately things
are more settled now ( it seems ) and so the sewing is being done with regularity.   For the
gracious patience shown by almost every one of my customers I am more appreciative than
I can say.  

Thank you all for bearing with this.

Robert Renehan
Glenfont Habitry Ltd