Ordering Page  

1. Email us at habitry@glenfont.com telling us the type of garment you want.   If you choose a habit
pictured on the site, contact us before sending payment.

2. We will respond to your email and determine the necessary details and provide you with a price,  inform       
you of the current wait time or forward measurement forms to you, or assist you with choosing a suitable      

3. We do not have garments in stock; all our garments are made upon request.  We have our own forms for
measurements and we will provide them to you.   Return the filled out measurement form together with
payment to:    Glenfont Habitry Ltd.             
P.O. Box 8617
Penacook, NH 03303-8617        

4.  When we receive both payment and the measurements we then 'place' the order in our production
book and provide you with a paper receipt as well as a delivery date.

5.  Payment can also be made with a credit card through Paypal whether you have an account with them or not.
We also accept personal checks, electronic fund transfers, and money orders.

6.  If you wish to purchase via Paypal please click on the "Pay Now" button and fill in the Item Number or the  
item name where it asks for Description, then fill in the amount.   You will know the amount either from         
the photo of the garment or from an email from us.   Please mail us for the shipping cost.  International           
rates must be determined on a country basis.   Fill in your card info and it's done.
Please include the shipping cost in the
Item Price amount.