Terms of Business
Payment:  We require payment in full prior to garment production for single garment orders.  We  
accept non-refundable 50% deposits on multiple orders, the balance being due and payable prior to
shipping.  We  accept personal and Bank checks, Money Orders and wire transfers for domestic orders.  
For International orders we require payment via Paypal only.  Payment can be made with a credit card
through Paypal whether you have an account with them or not.   It is simple, efficient and reliable.  We
are Paypal certified and have a business account there.   The payment button for Paypal is on the
Ordering Page.

Note:  For those customers who order with a 50% deposit. When a Balance Due notice is sent out at
the time garments are ready to be shipped and it is not paid within fifteen days of the notice date we
will send a second Balance Due Notice and put the garments in storage free of charge for one month.   
After one month storage will be charged at $40 per month for four months.  If the garment(s) are not
claimed and paid for after four months the garments will be disposed of.

Important;  An order is considered "placed" upon receipt of full payment or deposit and a completed
measurement sheet.  Production dates are set from the date of order placement.  Garments are
produced on a first-come-first-served basis.  Upon receiving payment and the measurement sheet, a
cash receipt along with production and approximate shipping dates are issued to the customer.  
Turn-around time is the time between order placement and the shipping date.   
We cannot accept rush
   We do not have habits premade and "in stock".  We make a habit when we receive an order for
one thus our garments are custom made for each order.

Refunds:   We make full refunds for order cancellations made within 15 days after order placement.   
If an order is cancelled more than 15 days after order placement a 50% refund is made of the order
total.   We cannot make refunds for orders cancelled within three weeks of the delivery time.  50%
deposits are nonrefundable.  All sales are final.  We do not make refunds or accept returns after

Changes:   Changes to items ordered may be made up to three weeks prior to delivery time.  In the
event we receive a request for an item change during the three weeks prior to delivery we may, at our
option, issue a notice that the changes are not possible or we may agree to the change contingent upon a
reworking fee of 20% of total order amount and the extension of the shipping time.

Shipping:  We use USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipping.  Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $15
for domestic shipments.  For international shipping we use USPS International Priority Mail and the
cost varies with the destination.

Note:   For established Religious Orders listed in the Catholic Directory, The Episcopal Church Annual,
Lutheran Annual or The Traditional Directory, and who may wish to have Glenfont produce their habits,
we offer credit and billing services as well as bulk rates.  Please see the Contact Page.
    Note 1
    We ship within the continental U.S. and to all E.U. countries
    with the exception of Italy.
    We do not ship to Italy, Africa, the Middle East or Asia
    without prior special arrangements.
    Note 2
    For international customers:  please be aware that we cannot
    use the "gift" category to avoid fees on
    the delivery end.  We are a commercial entity and must
    provide Customs with a Bill of Sale or Receipt for Payment.  
    In some countries this can mean substantial fees charged to
    you before you are allowed to have your package.