Women's Habits
Monastic Order Styles
Active Congregation Styles
We will post the photos of habits we make for women on this page as we make them.  Until
recently we have made male habits almost exclusively and habits for women only occasionally.
This has been due to circumstances.  Skilled sewing help is not easy to find and time
constraints limit the number of habits that can be made.  Nonetheless, we do intend to begin
a line of traditional style women's habits as soon as may be.
This habit was made for a
Community of nursing Sisters.

Robe,scapular and cape have neck
openings in the back.  The cape is
closed in the front at the collar
and open down the front.  The
modern headpiece is not included
with this habit; please note below.

This habit is available in the
poly/wool blend shown at $450
or in 100% polyester at $375.

Rosary and cincture not included.
Email for shipping cost.
Note:  We do not make the modern headpieces.  For these we suggest contacting the Wright Company at:
worn by Benedictine Nuns.
We make two versions of the
headpiece.  This first version
is a more stylized version.
The belt is standard for the
Benedictine usage. The under
veil of white is sewn to the
black outer veil.  The robe
has a neck opening and snaps
as closure and has side
pockets and a left breast
pocket.  The scapular is a
pullover. The habit is made of
either polyester fabric or a
wool blend.  

Polyester: $350
Wool blend: $425

Belt optional: $65

Please email for shipping cost
Habit A-2
Version Two
Less stylized.
available as a separate item and
comes with the veil. The under veil
may be sewn to the outer veil or
may be separate.

Headpiece & Veil = $80