About Us
Glenfont Habitry was founded in 2002 by an ex-Trappist who had made habits for
his Community.  He was asked to make a habit as a favor and one favor led to
another.  With the gracious help of the Benedictine Monastery of Mt. Saviour and
the inspired and generous help of a monk friend, the Habitry came into being.

As several have appreciated, the work lends itself to a quiet ambience conducive to
a lifestyle in accord with contemplative traditions.   It has been our intent to live
and work in the tradition long ago begun among certain monastic centers of Europe
and recently enlivened by several Abbeys in France.  The past beauty of this
tradition is evidenced today in the ruins of many Benedictine and Cistercian abbeys
while the present tradition can be seen in the liturgy, manner of life and
surroundings of Solesmes, Fontgombualt, Flavigny, Barroux, Hauterive and at
Annunciation Abbey here in the U.S.  It is perhaps most succinctly described as a
tradition of quality: the quality of work springing from the quality of life.   It is in
such a manner that Glenfont attempts to make its contribution to this tradition.

Glenfont Habitry has seen the growing pains and challenges of any business effort.  
We are moving forward at a pace we prefer to call "stately" giving us time to
adjust to the surprises, sudden supplier changes and the many ups and downs of
daily garment making.  All-in-all it is a very interesting and educational business
full of unexpected delightful occurrences and associations.  We look forward to
fulfilling our clients requests with a spirit of dedication and in a tradition of