Our Services

What We Do:
We make the habits of the monastic tradition.  That means habits of monks and nuns, friars and
groups wearing monastic style garments.   This includes primarily Benedictines,  Cistercians,
Carthusians, and Camaldolese.   We also make the habits of Franciscans, Carmelites,  
Augustinians, Dominicans and others wearing habits of a monastic style.   

What We Don’t Do:
We do not make cassocks, the habits of Canons, or modern Sister’s habits.   We do not sell kits,
yardage, patterns or directions.   We do not make theatrical costumes nor do we accept customer
purchased cloth for habit making.  We are not associated with any other purveyors or manufacturers
of religious items or garments.  

Habit Design:
We do not design habits from scratch.  We can and do put together various habit parts in order to
form a single habit configuration for a customer and we make some changes to existing habits and
habit parts.

Types of Habits:
We make monastic style habits for both men and women.  There are more men's habits shown
because that is how we started.  We are putting the women's habits on the web site as we make
them.   We are also starting a line of headpieces that can be worn with various habit types.